Hawks Nest sends French students to Canada; Students preparing to visit Quebec

Claire Moffitt, Reporter

    The Hawks are getting ready to tell our French speaking friends “Bon voyage” as they prepare for a 4-day trip to Canada’s only French speaking province, Quebec. 

     French teacher Mrs. Larissa Arist is North Harford High’s French teacher who is fluent in 3 languages: Ukrainian, English, and French. Arist teaches two of her three children, sophomore Bella and senior Austin. 

     On June 20, 25 French students from NHHS and 25 French students from Bel Air High School will fly to a city in Quebec called Montréal. Students will be staying at two different hotels and will visit the city of Quebec and a village called Tadoussac. They will travel around the province in a coach bus.  

      The French teacher  hopes that the trip will help improve her students’ understanding of French culture and language. She says, “students interacting with French people and seeing signs and things hopefully will give them that little push.” 

        As far as price goes, the trip is  about $1,700 per student. The price includes everything from the flight cost, food, hotel, activities, and the coach bus. 

     According to Bella, her whole family is going on the Quebec trip. B. Arist  said that she has been to Quebec before but, “went in the winter time and it was freezing.” She says it seems like a beautiful place and she’s “excited to see Quebec in the summer.”

      Arist says that she plans to eat mostly French food since there is still American food in Quebec.  Freshman Claire Keenan will be attending the trip and is “very excited.” She says that she is “most looking forward to trying the food.” 

     Former French student Julia Foster, a 2019 graduate, went on the same trip to Quebec in the winter of 2018. Foster says that it was a great experience. She states that  “When I went it was in the winter, it was the first time I had traveled outside of the US.” She added, “It was also the first time I had experienced French language being used in real life situations outside of a classroom setting, so it was really exciting to see some of the things I had learned being put into action for the first time.”