Stewartstown United Methodist Theater Production; Music Man Production performed over summer 2022

United Methodist Theater Production presents the Music Man. Auditions were earlier in May. Photo Credit:

United Methodist Theater Production presents the Music Man. Auditions were earlier in May. Photo Credit:

Aiva Perron, Reporter

     Want to see one of the said-to-be best musicals that have been featured on Broadway? How about one that has won five Tony Awards including Best Musical, the first Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, and more? Well, now is the chance. 

     From August 3-13 of 2022 in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, the Stewartstown United Methodist Theater is putting on the show.

     The Music Man is being performed this summer by some of the most talented group of actors, singers, dancers, and more ranging from young children to grown adults all close by in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. 

     The Music Man is a very popular show that was displayed on Broadway as well as on our very own North Harford High School stage by the drama club four years ago and-as previously mentioned- has won five Tony Awards.

     The musical  is about a con man named Harold Hill, who poses as a boys’ band organizer and leader, promising to train the members of the new band. He sells instruments and uniforms which he pockets, and he prepares to leave town without giving any music lessons, as he has no musical experience whatsoever. Hill had been doing this for quite a while, and he would move on to the next town, doing the same thing, continuing across the Midwest. 

     However, Hill falls in love with the Librarian Marian Paroo, and as he develops feelings for her, it gets harder for him to leave town. Eventually, his scam is exposed

    Now, the United Methodist Theater Production is re-creating this musical. Pastor Mr. David McDowell is in charge of this production and has been since he started it in 1980. Junior Julia Eakes, who is participating in the show, says this is McDowell’s last year and, “It is very sad to see him go, and it won’t be the same without him.”

     Eakes auditioned for the part of Marian Saturday May 21, 2022 and was invited to callbacks the following Thursday. 

     The young actress, who has been involved with the theater program since the summer after sixth grade, says, “It’s a great summer theater program…for youth ages 12 to 19…that’s extremely professional…[and] it’s just a great experience.” 

     Julia even mentioned that there were people from Broadway on lighting and set for their show last summer, Jesus Christ Superstar. There was also famous actress Dina Desmone, who has worked on and off Broadway and lives in New York City, who took part in the production, playing the role of Judas Iscariot.

     Julia will hopefully be on stage this summer in The Music Man alongside senior Patrick Barker, as well as junior Monica Cespedes.