Juniors selected to represent small business; Getting free photos, portraits

Noel Bailey , Op/Ed editor

One well known photographer for senior pictures is a woman named Mrs. Desiree Ortman. She is a Harford County citizen that made her business living here. 

     According to Ortman’s website, she focuses on taking senior pictures and pictures for dancers. She has been having students who are current juniors become her “reps,” which is what she calls them on her Instagram, @desrieeortmanphotography.

     This year, she picked 23 different juniors from across Harford County to become one of the representatives  that get free senior pictures and other portraits.

     Out of the 23 girls, five juniors from North Harford were selected: Paige Rhoten, Korynn Simms, Emma Hammond, Bella Tucker, and Caitlyn Travaligne.

     An application was needed to be entered to be able to become one of the reps. About ten girls from North Harford High School sent them in, but only five were picked. 

     “The first step is filling out a form with basic info[rmation] about yourself, and then more in-depth questions,” said Rhoten. Any number of people can fill out an application in the time Ortman has it available. It is also only available to juniors who are going to be seniors next year.

     She selects certain people to make “a video that was inspired by her 2023  ‘instagram takeovers,’” Rhoten said. After Ortman made her selection from the videos, she had a five to ten minute interview over Facetime with each of the girls separately, to know who to pick from there. 

     As a rep, students get a free senior portrait shoot with Ortman. “As a rep, we are expected to promote her company and represent it in a good light,” said Simms. They also  get first access to the senior pictures. 

     All 23 of the girls have not met up in person at the same time yet, but they do have a planned day for all of them to meet and to meet Ortman with her business. “When we do this, [we will] launch a huge photoshoot where all girls meet and get group pictures and they’re all headshots,” said Travlinge. 

     Throughout the year, the girls will have a set time where they have to meet Ortman for free pictures to be taken where they would like them. 

     Incoming juniors for next year should take this and think about if this is something they should do. The option of representing a small business while getting free pictures can sound  ideal to some sophomore out there for next year.