Dare to be different; the struggle of being accepted

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Being popular is a label like anything else.  Special Ed. Jock. Geek.

So here’s the deal. You can’t get away from labels, but you can have something to say about the ones you want associated with you.   Like being popular.

In biblical days the Ten Commandments were given for people to follow.  Is there a tablet with popularity qualifications etched in it?

I don’t think so.

Being popular might seem appealing.  Everyone knows who you are.   They look up to you.  You’re invited to things. You’re always included.

But that doesn’t mean a whole lot when being popular also means that you are judgmental, you are doing things you shouldn’t be doing and sometimes you are just down right mean.   Oh and let’s not forget that a lot of  ‘popular’ people only care about what they look like and have pretty terrible personalities.

Shocking, right?

So why would anyone want to be a part of that label?  Why do we aspire to achieve that label?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be connected with people who are nasty and spiteful- often even to each other within the group of other popular people.

You can keep your label.  And your reputation.

When high school is over do you want to be remembered as one who pushed away other people and never let any new friendships develop just because your other friends didn’t think they were cool enough?   If that’s the case, you will be lucky if you even have friends when high school is said and done.

The word “popular” does way more harm than good.   ‘Popular’ people are more worried about what everyone thinks and who they are associated with that they don’t even have a clue how to be themselves.  What enjoyment comes out of that?

Dare to be different

Who cares if you’re “in with the crowd?”

What’s the prize?

The most followers on Instagram? The most retweets on Twitter?

Well congratulations.  I guess that will somehow define your future.

But for me, I will spend my time having fun, getting to know people, and keeping an open mind.

Maybe you’re judging others because YOU have imperfections you don’t want others to see.

But here’s a news flash:   You have your OWN light to shine.  If people choose not to follow, it is their loss.

To all who classify themselves as “popular”, ask yourself, what does that REALLY mean?  And is it worth it?

Things may seem great now, but what goes around, comes back around.

If you were to get in an accident tonight, and when you recovered you did not look like your “possie” anymore, who would you turn to for friendship?  Those who don’t fit in but have open arms and big hearts? The choice is yours.

Just remember, life is short.  If we would concentrate on breaking up the small groups and come together as one large group, what a change in the world there would be.


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Dare to be different; the struggle of being accepted