Internet invaded by troublesome Trolls

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They’re called Trolls. People who like to cause chaos and disruption on the internet.

I’m sure everyone has come across more of them then you would ever need in your lifetime. They are the people who like to rip apart and overanalyze your comments about Hawkeye being the greatest superhero of our time, the people who like to spew swears out of their mouths like Mt. Vesuvius, and they’re the people who like jump into already tense comment threads yelling “LEEROY JENKINS!”

What bothers me most about these “Internet Hulks” is that they are so trigger happy. You could say that you prefer Coke over Pepsi and soon you’ll be swimming in angry paragraphs about why Pepsi is the superior soda.

Along with that, Trolls have no sense of self preservation. They don’t care if their opinion is wrong, they don’t care if you have hundreds of people defending you;   Trolls will fight to the metaphorical death.

Then there’s the swearing.

My god, is there a lot of swearing.

If you have a friend who likes to swear every five seconds you know what I’m talking about when I say frequent cussing does nothing for how people perceive you. You sound really uneducated and like you can’t use more than a handful of brain cells to come up with something without using your potty mouth.

Unfortunately, Trolls are too blinded by the flames of Satan to see that.

Now I understand wanting to fight for what you believe in. My mom has an anthology of stories about me getting frustrated with someone not agreeing with my opinion. However, that doesn’t give you the permission to humiliate them in front of millions of people.

I know that it’s very tempting to criticize someone’s overly annoying Facebook post about how Justin Bieber is love, Justin Bieber is life – typing this sentence hurt my soul more than you will ever know- but I frankly don’t care if it’s so annoying you can physically feel you brain rotting inside your skull, you will leave that annoying mess alone!

Why would someone want to waste their precious human life span pouring hater-aid on all resemblance of happiness, I will never know. I’m too positive for that. What I do know, though, is that you cannot let people like that ruin your good day. Trolls are only looking for a reaction and giving any form of a reaction is like letting them win.

It’s like shooting the Hulk. It only fuels them more.





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Internet invaded by troublesome Trolls