Drivers Education, Sweeps the Nation


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According to, 86 percent of Americans of driving age are licensed.  However, wouldn’t it be great if getting a license could be easier? Not only for teens, but for their parents as well.
This is not an entirely new idea.   At one time, driver’s education was offered as a class during high school.  Though it wasn’t mandatory, it was convenient.  Today students are responsible for paying $300+ for this same service, and have to travel up to 40 minutes each way to attend these classes.
Completing a driver’s education class and the several drive times that follow are inevitable if someone wishes to drive some day. These days with sports every season and clubs every week, most students can’t find the time to attend these classes. Living where we do, it’s hard not being able to drive when we are so far from everything, and often, we have so much to do.
If driving students have to spend most their time away from school in a classroom for hours, what is the point in leaving school then?  If driver’s education was offered as a class, not only would students have more free time, they wouldn’t have to miss sports practices or club meetings to spend more time sitting around in a classroom, which is what they do all day already.
Having driver’s education offered as a class would also be little to no cost to students, which is always a plus, while also being immensely convenient for parents and their students.
A student in a driver’s education class obviously can’t drive yet so they would need transportation to and from classes. While if the class was offered in school, students wouldn’t need transportation because they should already be at school.
Some may argue, this is a outrageous claim due to the cost of vehicles, insurance, and a teacher or two,  that the county would then have to provide to the school. To that we say, although this method seems like it would cost more money now, in the long run, it will save students and their families hundreds of dollars  that they can then invest back into the community for years to come
In this day and age where  convenience is expected,  drivers ed should be brought back as a class in high schools across America.  The signs are there; yielding to what the public wants will only benefit teens and adults alike as they travel new roads.


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Drivers Education, Sweeps the Nation