Apprehending and understanding crimes within Harford County and United States

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No one’s safe anymore, not even the ones who try to make sure we’re safe. Terrorism and racism still continues to grow in our nation and especially in Harford County. So many citizens within our area tend to be extremely opinionated and are easily threatened which essentially leads to conflicts such as fights verbal, as well as physical. Crime rates are exceeding what they should and our world as a whole is becoming corrupted by these distorted minds of criminals.
Every other day, a police officer is dying. Considering our current generation with riots, protesting, and more, people have lost their boundaries. Back in perhaps the 1900’s or even later than that, police officers were respected and feared amongst. Now, they’re ridiculed and targeted. Why are they targeted? The media conveys that they’re terrible people by showing one side of a video for popularity and employing the absolute opposite of what’s behind the scenes. Why are they targeted? People stereotype all of them as jokes and stereotype them as “pigs.” Why are people doing this? They’re lacking the respect and generosity of respecting the people who protect us. Why?
Maryland’s line of duty has at least thirty to forty officers die per month. Just in October, forty-one officers died on duty. Altogether, there is 318 deaths per year according to the ODMP. Do we see how many deaths that is? One death is a lot to us, let alone 318. Acts of terrorism are only continuing to rise, along with racism. Terrorism is the act of hate in which leads to killing those who are innocent. Racism is the act of discriminating upon a certain race and applying stereotypes to the specific person. Maryland is filled with diversity regarding ethnicity. Despite it, we shouldn’t isolate one another; is it worth the impact in which is displayed upon our society?
According to the FBI reports, the violent crime rate in Maryland rose 3.4 percent with an estimated 17,250 murders throughout the year of 2016. That’s an 8.6 percent increase from the year of 2015. This is significant considering everyone’s safety within the Maryland border. How are parents supposed to feel safe sending their children to school if they acknowledge this growing crime rate?
The discrimination towards everyone and police brutality needs to conclude. These statistics are terrifying, and a majority of it isn’t even committed by a terrorist. Our awareness and country pride needs to be raised. The media needs to stop showing one side of a situation and erase these stereotypes upon a specific group of citizens. Celebrities who praise hating on police officers via their songs need to stop being worshipped. So many of the worship is directed to someone who’s a bad influence. How does this make any sense? By raising awareness and making social lives equal as well as applying equanimity upon our state and nation, then should we unite as America again? We will fight against groups such as MS 13, ISIS, and many more and decline racism from affecting one’s decision making. Stand up for your future before us all lose it as a whole.

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Apprehending and understanding crimes within Harford County and United States