Catalunia in the midst of possible civil war

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While the United States in dealing with tension from natural disasters and politics, just a plane ride away there is a possible civil war.
Catalonia is a region in the north-east of Spain, who although they have their own government, speak in a different language, and have a different culture than Spain, are being denied their independence.
This isn’t the first time Catalonians have fought for their independence, in 1931 Catalonia was actually granted autonomy, meaning they have the right to be self-governed. However, seven years later Spanish dictator Francisco Franco abolished the Catalan autonomy. Although, after Franco’s death the Catalan autonomy was restored, Catalonians don’t think it’s enough, they want to be completely independent from Spain.
According to a long push for independence resurfaced in 2014 when a referendum asking voters if Catalonia should be a state, and f so, should it be
independent. About 2 million people voted in favor of Catalonian independence. However, after there was no response from the government another vote occurred September 6 this year and 2,044,038 of the 2,286,217 people who voted were in favor of leaving Spain. However, Spain catching news about the vote sent in the police to try and stop this vote from happening. Nearly 900 people were reported hurt by the police when they used force to try and stop the referendum from occurring.
At this point in time it seems like the right thing to finally grant Catalonia its independence. Spain is so against Catalonia becoming independent because if they were to be granted independence there would be a huge hole in Spain’s finances.  According to Catalonia accounts for nearly a fifth of all of Spain’s’ economy and leads every region in producing 25% of the country’s exports. Also, every year Catalonia contributes way more taxes than it gets back from Spain’s government.
Reported by as a response to the Catalonian revolts the Spanish government dismissed the Catalonian government. Spain’s leader fired the government of Catalonia and order new elections to be held on Dec. 21. As well as dismiss the Catalonian government many of the ex-cabinet members were arrested but soon released on bail. They were charged with crimes for allegedly executing a plan to break away from Spain.
The future of Catalonian government and independence is uncertain for now but upcoming events could either resolve or further fuel the fight for Catalonian independence.

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Catalunia in the midst of possible civil war