Hallway mob makes moving miserable

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Hallway mob makes moving miserable

Emma Marley and Emma Marley

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Attention hallway hogs: I’m trying to get to my classroom, please move over to the sides or find another place to stand. This issue has continued as a slow boil since the first week of school, and now it’s finally spewing from the pot.

    The biggest issue that needs to be addressed deals with the amount of space that you leave for others to pass in the hallway. Frankly, there is none. I can speak for many individuals when I say I don’t want to become a shapeshifter every time I need to get to my locker. Remember that movie Sky High? I feel like I need to be the student that can melt every single time I try to get by. I may be small, but I can’t fit through a 2 millimeter opening that you form in the hallway.

    At this point I feel like making a tape boundary on the floor like they do at museums and not allowing you to pass over that line if you’re just going to stand around and talk.

   Please know that I’m not trying to make anyone mad, I’m simply writing about it in hopes that we can find a way to address it. It is frustrating not to be able to get where you need to go in a certain amount of time or getting hit in the hallway as a result of crowds.

    Another issue that needs to be addressed: people getting hit. Don’t get mad when someone ‘runs’ into you in the hallway. They didn’t mean to run into you, you are just hogging all the space so they are left with limited options about how to get where they need to be. Perhaps you ignored the million and one times they said “excuse me”  before they resorted to a pushier way of getting to their locker or their classroom.

    I kept track of the amount of times I was elbowed in the hallway for a week. On average, I’m elbowed five times a day. One or two times a day I’ll usually be hit in the ribs. Please control your body so no one needs to visit the nurse’s office for injuries sustained during class change.

    Not only do you take up the whole entire hallway, you also scream like your friends are deaf. News flash: the people in the ag hallway can hear you even though your locker is in the basement, so please take your ten down to a two.

    If you want to be that loud, then go talk outside or even somewhere else after school. I don’t need to hear all the details about your friends break up and your relationship problems, it’s just something I’m not interested in learning about especially when I’m trying to get to English.

    I’m not saying everyone that stands with their friends in the hallway is doing this. Some groups are mindful of others and make sure they save enough room and to you we say thank you. Others see you coming and move out of the way and apologize. It’s as simple as that.

    I’m not trying to play ‘hall cop’ or anything, but I’m just asking for a little common courtesy. Is that too much to ask?

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Hallway mob makes moving miserable