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To My Mom,

Well, here we are in senior year.  These past four years have come and gone and you are the reason for my success. You should be so proud of all you have done. You’ve raised a strong independent young women who will now face the world knowing there are no limitations or obstacles she can not overcome.

Until you have time to sit back and reflect on all youve been given it’s easy to take for granted things like your mom. How lucky was I to have a mother who would support me and push me to achieve my goals? The only answer I can give you is very lucky. She provided me with  everything I needed to succeed in my life and somehow through all the struggles of life, and I have almost made it to that final leg in this four year race.

As graduation quickly approaches, I will not be walking across that stage alone but with you by my side, the place you have been since the moment I was born. From the countless hours you had spent rocking your little peanut back to sleep, to the time I broke my arm not once but twice, and enduring my embarrassing rebellious grunge phase of sophomore year, you have supported and encouraged me.

You’ve done more for your little girl than you could ever imagine, and for that I will never be able to thank you enough. I’ve learned more from all the places we’ve gone, and things we have done together than I ever learned in a classroom. You’ve shown me the world, all the shining shimmering and splendid parts of it.

Through these past 18 years, you’ve learned how to be a parent just like I have learned to become an adult. I’m not gonna lie, you weren’t the perfect parent, but it doesn’t take a perfect parent to raise a good person.

Every parent has their flaws and makes mistakes through the parenting journey, but good kids come from those parents who make mistakes and show their children through those mistakes that they can still keep going.

Sometimes the lessons we learn come from the most unexpected event in our lives. Having sent me through my senior year basically as a single parent, my mom passed onto me a strong belief system and true morals that make me who I am. Things like this are somewhat expected of parents and are never appreciated until you meet someone with parents who don’t share these same qualities.

These traits that have been passed down to me make me the person I am today, and trying to figure out which of these traits has impacted me the most just can’t be done,

Looking back now at all the little fights we may have had and all the disagreements just seem to not matter at all. I’m so beyond thankful that I was able to have a mother that provided me with a image of what a good role model is and supplied me with what I needed to be a decent human being. Although I’m not sure what my future holds at this moment I do know that I will go through life remembering all the lessons that have inspired me to be the best person I  can be and make you continue to make you proud in my years beyond high school.

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