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Well, this has been fun! The good days, the bad days, all went by super-fast. About fourteen years of learning, laughter, support from family, long nights, blood (gym is not my friend), sweat and tears, and a healthy dose of procrastination is wrapping up.

To all the people who either love or hate high school, just remember – high school teaches you valuable lessons, like how to walk on the right side of the hallway, how to get along with people I intensely dislike, how to compromise when you can, and how to remain neutral in drama by not getting involved in it.

I’m proud, for sure. Finger-crossed I can use those skills in college. But my proudest achievements are the ones I try to make every day by simply seeing the good in everything. Got a D on a test? I’ll do better on the next one! Went to the wrong class? You just made some new friends!

Every day, now and the years that come, I want you (Yes you! Glad you made it this far…) to try and impact someone in a positive way. Compliment someone’s clothes, give advice on a difficult subject, and raise your hand to answer a question. You might not ever know it, but doing these simple things has an impact.

Of course there are the days where trying to be positive is the last thing on your mind.

Two years ago I burst onto the newspaper scene with a column about my period. Oh yeah – I roll like that. For two weeks I was inundated with questions and ridicule. It shocked everyone and sparked countless conversations. The positive in that I found in this? A chance to speak my mind and known that people are listening. The positive I want you to find? A challenge.

Do something crazy, start a conversation, cause a controversy (a GOOD one). Worried about the fallout? Don’t be – everyone forgets in about a week. (See? Positive!)

The combination of being positive and challenging yourself to put yourself out there no matter the risks is incredible. I apparently always have a smile on my face, am a ray of sunshine who brightens everyone’s mood, infusing energy into room. Thanks to my friends for saying these great things about me. You’re all awesome.

Sitting in the Journalism lab as I type this, listening to the thousands of conversations everyone is having at once, organized chaos going on around me, bursts of laughter from time to time, I find that this is what high school is all about. A weird mix of people you never thought you’d mesh with until you do.

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