Authority strikes concern at music festivals; Detrimental effects on teenagers

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    Summertime, when teens want to have fun and experience new things, but where should the line be drawn between fun and dangerous? It seems as though music festivals have been all the rage recently, but parents and authorities need to make better decisions when it comes to protecting teenagers at these events.

    Underage drinking has become a huge fad in recent years, especially at music festivals such as, Firefly, SnowGlobe, Coachella, and even at concerts. Yet even though it has become so widespread, it still goes unaddressed by many. In 2016, the largest issue at SnowGlobe music festival was teen drinking, according to Authorities at events take precautions towards the issues, but how well?

    As reported by CNN News, a Chance the Rapper concert in 2017, issued 50 referrals to minors who were under the influence and intoxicated by alcohol. Some attendees at the concert had severe alcohol intoxication, leaving 90 of which, hospitalized after the event. also adds, “…tailgating, partying and excessive alcohol consumption was ‘extremely prevalent.’”

    Not only can drinking as a minor affect their health, it can also take a toll on their future. vocalized that, “A criminal record can make college admissions and scholarships harder to obtain and even impact the rest of a young person’s life.” This can cause the child to be unqualified for jobs in the future and can cause major opinion making for later employers.

    Authorities and police at the venues claim they take necessary precautions, but how well do they enforce the rules and keep them in check? Some festivals or concerts are stricter on their alcohol consumption rules than others. Parents need to also keep in mind there are people of all ages at these events, their intentions may not be the best and could be a dangerous environment for their child. Going back to the Chance the Rapper concert, according to, “Hartford police have long been vigilant of underage drinking at Xfinity Theatre.”

    Parents and law officers need to do their part on what they feel is right for teens, and to stand up to terminate underage drinking at music festivals and concerts. Hopefully putting an end to this all together.

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