Drama in dreamland:  making, meeting expectations in your mind

Rebekah Keaton, Hawks Reporter

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It 10 o’clock or so and you just finished a long day. All your homework is complete, and you’re laying in your bed nice and toasty. Soon you begin to drift off, and the last thing you see is your bedroom.

   Once you find yourself in a deep sleep, you look really good,  I mean Jennifer Lopez good. You have your hair in nice long bouncy curls, and your makeup soft and natural like Emma Watson’s.

    You are hanging out with your friends doing something you love like playing mini-golf, bowling at Forest Hill Lanes, or walking in the mall.

BAM, it hits you quicker than a cheetah.

Across the way you see your crush.

     You’re confident and nothing can stop you from talking to that special someone because it’s your dream. You’re hanging out with them, and you don’t have nervous palm sweats or stutter. Everything is perfect.

    Immediately, the 5 o’clock alarm goes off just as the dream was getting good. It stinks even worse than driving past a farm on a hot spring day after they just fertilized the soil, so you lie there and sulk for a few seconds. You remember how good you looked, and the image is still fresh in your mind.

    Now, since you know that you have the same makeup and outfit as in the dream, you sprint out of bed like Olympic medalist Usain Bolt and try to recreate the moment in its exactness. You scramble around your closet like a chicken with its head cut off, and you look for the perfect outfit for what seems like forever but is actually only ten minutes.

    You check the time, and you realize that you won’t have enough to do your hair and makeup if you don’t hurry. Because of this, you just pick something that looks vaguely like your dream, but it isn’t perfect.

    When it’s time for your hair and makeup, the image is fading from your mind. You still have an idea of what the hair and makeup looked like, so you’re confident.

  When your crush sees you, he won’t know what to say!

    Now that you are all done getting ready, you do one last quick look in the mirror to do last minute touches. You know it’s no J. Lo, but you still look pretty stinkin good.

   Finally, you get to school, you know that you have class with your special someone during first period. You make your way to your class when the bell rings. Now you’re nervous, and don’t want to go to class, but you have to go anyway. Your heart is beating faster than the wings of a hummingbird.

    You get to the door, and you’re afraid to go in.

You sit down, you let all your nerves out and turn your head to catch the eye of your dreamy guy.

Only he’s absent today.

And you, you decide you should just have stayed in bed.


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