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High school is the place where many people recall their favorite memories. One of the most unforgettable things you can do during your teenage years is to hang out with your friends.

However, it sometimes is hard to find time for these important experiences because of your schoolwork and the countless responsibilities given to us during our high school years.

Teenagers are supposed to fill their weekends with football games and fun activities. Finding time every weekend for these enjoyable events can be challenging because of other priorities. Even during the week, it is hard to find time for activities like work and other responsibilities, so they are left for the weekend. This pushback leads to a buildup of work to do until there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish anything.

The tasks that students undertake are not limited to the short amount of time to handle their responsibilities, but also the pressure given by schoolwork. People always say to take hard classes in order to challenge yourself. You handled it last year so why wouldn’t you be able to this year? Apparently, now that you are a single year older, you can understand quantum theory and the fundamental theorem of calculus. The curriculum steps you take throughout your high school career are practically the height of Mt. Everest when you were trained in the mellow Rocks State Park.

Teenagers take on many new experiences during high school as well. Driving is an all new skill to many students. Finding 30 hours of time and $300 for drivers education is not easy. Not to mention that you need another 80 hours behind the wheel. Because it is a struggle to put all this together, practicing driving is a privilege to have when you spend your time staying after school for study sessions, tutoring, playing sports, and even spending time around other members of your family. What about the fun times involving driving? Being able to go where you want, when you want is a rare experience, so say goodbye to going to friends’ houses, catching up with friends over coffee, going to a trail for a run, or going to the mall.

Being young is not all about doing as you please all the time. It doesn’t involve always getting your way or not doing schoolwork. However, it is about finding time within the schoolwork to do things that you want. Giving such large amounts of work where there is no time for a life, even if it is an AP class, is unreasonable.

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