Anybody Home?: Academic awards underrated

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On Wednesday, November 21, the annual Academic Achievement Awards Ceremony was held at 6:30pm in the auditorium. Students received an academic honors letter for their first year of achievement, and a star patch for each year following.
And while there were lots of students who could be celebrating their achievements, 357 to be exact, attendance at this event was mediocre at best.
In his remarks at the event, Principal Colin Carr referenced conversations he had had with students that day about the event. He commented that many wanted to attend, but instead they said they would be at home, studying and working on homework for a heavy AP course load.
The irony is palpable. Carr remarked that “We should celebrate as much in academic arenas as we do on sports fields.”
He’s right.
When the opportunity to be recognized for this kind of achievement is available, why do students choose not to participate? Why isn’t there the same turnout for an academic ceremony as we do a homecoming football game? We may not be able to celebrate learning the same way we would winning a state championship, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take time to celebrate at all.
From the time we are in third grade and receive our first “real report card,” we are encouraged to be the best of the best. And we should be encouraged to take the night off to celebrate what we have worked so hard for.
As Carr pointed out, academic success is “a pinnacle of classroom performance, and another step in the direction of your future.”
When you climb to the top of the mountain, take a moment to enjoy the view. It might not always be there, but it will be worth enjoying, even for just a moment, when it is.
Next time you are doing late night cramming, or studying for a big test, maybe take a break and think of how you are going to celebrate the success when it is over. It may just remind you of why you are working so hard in the first place.

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