Make a change; Go out and vote

Grace Feldbush, Reporter

    Are you thinking about throwing away something that matters? Why? The people who aren’t voting for our president this November are not going to help with changes that need to be made. 

     If you are 18 or older, you could vote for our president, which only happens every four years. This Is a big deal, it’s not often this happens, and it will most likely affect everyone for the next four years. 

     Voting is a serious thing; you can’t just pass it up. After all, we had to fight for women to have these rights in the country. If you can, you should be because it will benefit you and everyone else. 

     Educating yourself on politics is important, even when you are not old enough to vote. Staying educated makes you know what you want in a president, and what you don’t want. Being educated means keeping up with everything that is happening with the people running. 

     If everybody who says they will not vote, decides to, maybe they will make a change. It’s not hard to educate yourself and go for what you believe in. If you aren’t because you are embarrassed of what you believe in, you probably shouldn’t be supporting those things for those reasons anyway. 

    Educate yourself. Everything is online now, it is not hard to learn about what is going on. If you find reliable sources and read or watch things all the way through you will have a good idea on what is going on. Educate yourself on both sides, don’t pick one side to favor when seeing what is out there, find things where the people writing them don’t have an opinion, when they are just stating the facts. 

     A lot of young people vote for one side because it is the “in” thing with their group of friends or family. Don’t feel like you must settle for someone just because everyone else is, support for who and what you believe in, not anybody else. It doesn’t take long to, so why not go the extra few steps and take a stand for our country. 

     In conclusion, take the extra step for our country, don’t be scared to go out and do something new. Take a stand for what you believe in by supporting or voting for what you believe in. Everyone can make a difference, whether it’s big or small.