Capitol stormed, democracy struck by lightning

 “70 million pissed off republicans and not one city destroyed” didn’t age very well, did it?

     In June, protestors marched in the streets shouting “black lives matter” and were in return shot at with rubber bullets, beaten, and arrested. On January 6, far-right extremists stormed the capitol, with guns and explosives, stopping the debate over the electoral college and causing our congressmen and women to be evacuated. Not the same response.

     Bringing this up is not to suggest that using violence is the answer- but to rather bring to light the complete double standard in this country. And while the race issue alone should make your blood boil, it’s better to discuss the primary issue: democracy.

     Everything about this attempted coup is a direct attack on democracy and it is infuriating. These “people” are demonstrating a sickening lack of disrespect for our country by violating the security and privacy of the Senate and House floors, and working offices of congressmen and women.

     Donald Trump was so for “Law and Order” during the debates. What happened? His supporters completely threw it out the window once they decided to push through the barricades and infiltrate the capitol for the first time since the British set it and the White House on fire during the War of 1812.  

     Objectively, one of the most laughable parts of this whole incident is the fact that Trump supporters have claimed to be so supportive of American democracy and insisted throughout the election process that democrats are the ones undermining our system. Yet- who are the ones committing a federal offense to push their agenda?

     Even if you refuse to call this historic event an act of domestic terrorism or even an attempted coup, you can’t ignore the fact everything these “people” did was illegal. From stealing Nancy Pelosi’s mail to setting one foot on the floor, all of it was against federal law.

     As president elect Joe Biden said in his speech, “this is not a representation of America.” And it’s not. Never, in modern history, has the transfer of power sparked such a disgusting response. America is moving a dangerous, violent direction. 

     We are all well aware that Trump supporters desperately try to defend everything the man does- but how can they defend this. There’s an overwhelming burden of proof that he incited the violence and encouraged this reaction. The man was banned from pretty much every major social media platform because of this. It’s okay to admit your candidate is terrible.

     But honestly are we even surprised by some of them anymore? Even those “radical leftists” that Trump hates so much know that this certainly is not an accurate representation of the GOP. There is no reason to defend the actions of these domestic terrorists. By trying to justify this, you are saying that this is acceptable behavior, and that is dangerous. 

     This terrorist attack was caused by a group of extremists outraged by the results of a fair election. Imagine the chaos that would unfold if a violent event occurred every time a group of extremists was upset with a political outcome. Our country would become a warzone.