Change your mind; Decide to be powerful

Silvia Martinez, Video Editor

     Some people, maybe even yourself, will tell you you’re too insignificant to change or do something regardless of how big or little it is. Let me just say, this misconception is very dangerous. Especially when you think it’s the truth in every situation you’ve faced.

     It’s so easy to get wrapped up in this idea, and you can’t blame people for it. You really shouldn’t blame anyone, or call people cowards for not acting on something. It’s okay to be too scared or to not feel well enough to take matters into your own hands. 

     Sometimes, you don’t have the resources, strength, or emotional support to make something different at that moment. Whether it be applying for a new job, or deciding to turn your whole life around, sometimes life gets to you and you just want to rest. That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself before taking action. That’s what you should do first.

     What I’m saying is, never sell yourself short. Don’t decide to start something before you even get the chance to start it because you think you won’t get the outcome that’ll save lives or change yours. When you tie your own hands behind your back, that’s another day lives are lost and yours stays the same. It’s another day you let yourself or others continue suffering.

     Even when you feel lost, wronged, and like you can’t win, give yourself some hope. Tell yourself things will change for the better, and that when you’re well and ready, you’ll be there for it. Don’t just peg yourself as powerless.

     Regardless if you’re not seeing progress while actively doing something, don’t think you lack the power or talent. This is something that takes time. Don’t leave the job unfinished either. Most importantly, don’t let anybody prevent you from finishing. Any oppressors, or whoever’s done you wrong, wants you to not change things. They want you to be afraid, and while you have every right to be, you can’t stay that way forever.

     If you look back at history, people had to take initiative before creating a new world. Take the American Revolution for example. The colonies were so small, while Britain was a world superpower at the time. The colonists went and fought anyway, and they won. Against all odds, they won. Sure, they got a lot of help from the French, but the colonists took the initiative to reach out for help. The French helped the colonies end the war, but they didn’t start it for them.

     That’s the thing that takes the most effort. Starting. The colonists decided they would, and while I’m not telling you that you need to go win a war, maybe you should get more comfortable with the idea of starting one. Not literally though. Get some faith, family, friends, neighbors, and anybody really, and decide you’re not powerless.