Surviving Social Media negativity

Rachel Keeney, IDR Editor

     I think it’s fair to say almost every student at North Harford has some form of social media. With social media comes the power to post and share what you think or feel. But what no one seems to talk about is the negative side effects it has on us.     

    I’m sure we’ve all heard from our doctors or parents to “limit screen time” or to “just put down your phone.” That’s great and all, but my generation is physically addicted to our phones. My generation is the first to grow up using Instagram or Snapchat in middle school and even some kids in elementary school. 

     Now imagine the effects of a 12-year-old on Instagram. The constant comparisons, checking their followers, or maybe why their friend has more likes than you. This must influence their self-esteem, maybe even their mental health too. Middle schoolers should be playing outside or with their friends, not worrying about Snapchat. It sets us up at an early age to persistently be judging ourselves and others just based on what an Instagram account says. 

     We are so dependent on what an app tells us we cannot go a day without checking our status. I know that since the pandemic screen time has gone up, but the constant scrolling isn’t going to satisfy you. I always hear people say, “I was born in the wrong generation”, but the one common factor that sets our generation apart from others is the need for technology. 

     Not only is being on social media draining but seeing other people’s drama unfold online is a whole other story. During the 4 years I’ve been in high school, it’s become a trend to have a fake Instagram, or a “finsta” where basically you post more personal or funny photos that you wouldn’t post on an actual Instagram account.  However, I’ve noticed that many girls use this account to “dish” on other girls. I guess they believe that airing out some meaningless drama about somebody will help, but it doesn’t.

     Social media can be super helpful and fun to keep in touch with old friends, I just think too much social media has a negative effect. If you find yourself struggling to cut back on your socials, try setting a timer to limit how long you’re on an app. I promise you, once you stop depending on what’s happening on social media, you’ll never feel like checking it,