Finding fulfillment in everyday life; small things lead to happier life

Grace Feldbush, Social Media/Event Coordinator

      The secret of living a happy life is taking care of the small things in life according to the Youth Lead organization. Living by this rule has made me appreciate every moment more.  

    Focusing on the little things in your life means you focus your attention on what nurtures you. Noticing the small details throughout your day that you do for yourself helps you appreciate all you do for yourself. A lot of times you do not always realize you do for yourself.  

      Fulfillment is an easy concept on the surface, yet so elusive. Many search for fulfillment and happiness through massive things, but I have found that taking care of the smaller things in my life and doing things for myself makes me happier.  

    Taking time for my mind and body is one thing I have found to help me in everyday life. Meditating daily whether it is for one minute or 40 minutes has helped me be able to get through stressful periods easier.  

    Meditation might sometimes only take up a small portion of my day, yet it gives me time to stop my daily life and do something for myself. It is always important to do something for yourself every day whether that is meditating, going for a walk, taking pictures, listening to music, or anything you might enjoy doing.  

    Yoga is another way I take care of myself. Yoga is proven to connect your mind and body which helps in multiple parts of everyday life including things like mindful eating, better sleep, and it makes you feel more energetic throughout your everyday life. It also helps your physical health as it can strengthen and make you more flexible.  

    There are numerous different types of yoga which makes it something almost everyone can start doing. During yoga practice the goal should be to challenge yourself, but not overwhelm yourself.  

    Reading in my free time instead of sitting on my phone has benefited my life as well. It helps me not worry about what is happening on social media and focus on myself. Reading every day helps me reduce stress and be able to concentrate better when working on other tasks like schoolwork.  

    Enjoying a book is something my past self would never realize was possible, and you might think it is impossible too. You just need to find a book you would enjoy; school makes many people despise reading because of the books they make us read. Just because you hate the books we read in school; does not mean you will hate reading a book you get to pick yourself. Give it a chance.  

     Appreciating and doing things for yourself every day makes life more bearable and helps you take care of yourself. I have learned that living a fulfilling life is within reach of anyone, and you just must find the things that make you a better person. A lot of times the smallest shift of thinking or doing can create bigger changes.