Community college vs. 4 year university debate continues; Schools raise tuition prices due to inflation

Caroline Barquin , Copy Editor

 According to Innovation-based Learning News, Boston Universities and other colleges are raising prices to historic levels. There is an increased concern that once these prices rise, they won’t decrease any time soon.

     This brings upon the common and well debated discussion on the importance and worth of attending a university compared to a community college. Cost wise community college is 100% more affordable for the common person and more attainable to attend. But with those positives there is the negative of missing out on the notorious “college experience.”

In a study conducted at Elon University about the worth of attending college overall 51% of people believed it definitely was worth it while only 5% believed it was definitely not worth it. The analysis of this study led to the conclusion that students who were integrated into the college community and participated in high-impact experiences enjoyed their college experience the most.

     From the study it is obvious that University is definitely worth it when it comes down to the experience, but it is also important to look at which option is better academically wise. Many people believe the two options yield the same education but that is incorrect.

In community college they offer students the opportunity to save money, career readiness, a basic college experience, and the ability to create a flexible schedule.

     Most of the time Universities are staffed with renowned professors who are experts on their area of study. This is essential to excel in a certain major, community colleges may have good professors, but they are not as experienced. The higher training and longer training that a four-year university provides leads to higher employment. There is a direct correlation between higher education and quality employment.

     Universities also provide recently graduated students with new opportunities to find themselves away from home, and it is a good tool to meet new and interesting people. The opportunity of studying abroad is attainable in a university and it can be sponsored through scholarships.

     Community college is a great option for students who are unsure of their major and want to save money by getting the general education classes out of the way. The overall best option to be cost efficient but also incorporate the college experience and opportunities would be to enroll for two years in community college and then transfer to university for the next 2 years. This would significantly cut the cost but also successfully prepare a student for their future in the real world.