Larger classes take devastating toll on everyone; Students, teachers start to fall behind

Kensington Boyanich, Business Manager

    With larger class size, adverse effects follow. Chicago Academic describes how it can result in, “less individualized attention from the teacher.” When a teacher has so many students that it does not allow for personal connection, it can cause students to fall behind, as the teacher may be busy trying to keep things under control and isn’t able to focus on the success of just one student. 

     Larger class sizes also lead to more disruptive environments. With many students and only one teacher,  it can be hard to maintain a calm and quiet classroom. This can lead to loss of valuable teaching time and can cause students to fall behind. The teacher’s attitude has an impact on the students as well. When there are a greater number of students, teachers are attempting to manage a greater number of problems. When the teacher is stressed, it can lead to poor teacher performance, which has a direct effect on the student’s performance.