Summers negative impact on students

      The summer, for most students, is a time for celebration and release from the schoolwork they’ve been working on for the past nine months. Other students, however, may dread that three-month period of being home. 

     Students with difficult relationships with their parents or struggle being home for all hours of the day might think that summer is the worst thing. Parental abuse is a big issue that many kids may face. School is an escape for many. According to 12 News Now, “With school out for the season, children who are victims of abuse do not have an extra set of eyes.” Teachers are able to look out for signs of physical abuse or emotional abuse. 

     While that’s on the more severe side of summer troubles, other students can suffer from loneliness or boredom. The seven-hour school day gives them things to do and keeps days busy. With the lack of clubs or sports, students can be left home alone. 

     Being home alone all day especially impacts younger students. Middle and younger high school students (or even older elementary school students) may be left home alone all day while parents’ work. Without the ability to drive or friends that can drive and take them places, they deal with loneliness on a more extreme level. 

     The most common thing people always discuss is the setback in learning. ID Online says, “The long summer vacation breaks the rhythm of instruction, leads to forgetting, and requires a significant amount of review of material when students return to school in the fall. Also, the long summer break can have a greater negative effect on the learning of children with special educational needs.” 

     The setbacks these students face are harmful. Some people require constant reminders or explanations on topics. While summer enrollments are an option for some parents, they may not be able to afford to send their children or be able to help transport them back and forth to a summer program. 

     Lower income families are affected too. Huffpost says “many kids, especially lower income kids, don’t have this opportunity. “Doing nothing,” for low income kids is fundamentally different from the American ideal of “doing nothing” in the summer.” They don’t get access to playgrounds or a big yard if they live in smaller buildings. 

     Some schools do year-round school. They break up the three-month summer break throughout the year. Instead of it being a long three months, you will have extended holiday breaks and more week long breaks periodically throughout the year. 

     While the year-round school may not be the best solution, there should be some other ways to make the summer break more tolerable for students suffering from loneliness or boredom and a way to help support those who are experiencing physical and emotional abuse. 

        The abuse doesn’t stop during the school year, but school is a form of escapism. We need more options for them. If we do not provide solutions to something impacting so many people, consequences such as declining mental and physical health will be shown in these  kids.