Zach Fiacco – Social media adventures


Some may know him by his screen names on YouTube-ZachFiacco, Instagram-Zfiacco, Twitter-Zfiacco, and Vine-ZachFiacco, but at North Harford we have the pleasure of knowing him as Zach Fiacco, a senior who plays on the varsity soccer team and excels in school.

Fiacco is known in the blogging world for his amazing adventures and travels with his friends. Most of his travels include cliff jumping and snowboarding but others are just edited videos of his adventures to places (local and distant) not many people have been to.

He began his rise to fame with a Vine account specifically designated to Water Show speakers, where he would record a song playing on the speakers and post it to his Vine account. The amount of followers that followed the account are what got him discovered by Water Show distributors who offered him commision since the six second videos were a form of advertising.

After periodically posting links for his YouTube account on this Vine profile, the followers on YouTube started to increase as well. Youtube led to Instagram and Twitter and now Fiacco is considered  “social media famous.” Currently he has 300,000 followers on Vine, 10,000 followers on Instagram, 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 2,500 followers  on Twitter.

Those who follow Fiacco on his social media accounts, won’t be surprised to learn that just this past year, he has been to Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Colorado, Upstate New York, and Whistler, Canada. The senior usually doesn’t take these trips alone. He is commonly with North Harford seniors Jordan Abuhantash and Tyler Grubb,  junior, Ryan Jura, and the newest addition, Allen, a life size alien, tagging along.

Most of Fiacco’s videos consist of action shots taken on his GoPro. The videos consist of clips showing the journey there, the activities in which they took part, and the people accompanying him, combined together and edited to make a fast paced and action packed adventurous film set to music.

After seeing his accounts and reading some of the comments on his social media posts from all around the country, it could be concluded that Fiacco is another cocky social media star, but the people close to him say otherwise. “People assume he’s a jerk because he has a lot of followers on social media but in reality he’s actually really humble. Just another kid in high school,”  senior Tyler Grubb said.