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At North Harford High School, it is not uncommon to hear about those with talents in the arts such as choir or drama. But have you ever really thought about those who enjoy stepping away from center stage and working behind the scenes?

Brenna Grumbach, a senior at the Nest, takes part in the drama program but finds most of her interest in filming. Grumbach is a big fan of movie production, and as she started her career in drama in 9th grade, and soon realized that “something was missing” She then began to start making films on her own and found the most enjoyment in it.

“Whenever I would watch a movie, I would watch it more than once, and I would look for lighting and how the scenes played out and how they constructed it and everything.”

Grumbach then found herself traveling to a filmmaker’s camp where she was taught to make productions on her own. She has continued to take part in the drama program while also keeping up with gaining more knowledge on film production. Grumbach plans to continue filmmaking as her plans after high school as she attends Full Sail University, a school for film production.

Many students take part in other camera work as they do photography either as part of the class or on their own. Junior Richie Tabeling also dabbles in some filming as he does it for fun taking videos for his friends in Kruiser or taking other sort of “joke” videos, but Tabeling’s main focus comes with photography. And though he takes part in these fun activities,Tabeling also says that productions, such as films or photos, are one of the best ways to convey an idea to a broad crowd for better understanding.

Tabeling is using this concept to work his CAPSTONE project in his ag class. He plans to survey people after looking at two or different images of an environment issue, one being photographs and the other being a graph or chart.  He plans to ask which image gives better understanding and is more meaningful. Tabeling believes that, “Photography is a really good way to make an idea heard.” He plans to work more with photography in years to come.

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Students film