New cafe opens in Fawn Grove, PA

Bethany Birchfield, NEWS EDITOR

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Kimmy’s Cafe is a new hot spot centered in the little town of Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania. What used to be a lackluster pizza and sub shop has transformed into the cutest cafe with the yummiest food, cheapest prices, and the sweetest staff.
Upon walking in, it was evident that everything had been redone. From the ceiling tiles to the new hardwood floors and tables this place looked like a phoenix that had risen from the ashes.
The menu had a very wide range of food options, with something for everybody. Kimmy’s features some inventive food choices, like the crab stuffed pretzel, the meatloaf cupcakes, and shrimp and grits. Everything that staff prepare is very evidently treated like a home cooked meal served with a smile and a little something extra.
If looking for a light, but altogether scrumptious meal, the place always has a soup of the day. The soup of the day on April 4 was a lobster bisque, and every bit of seafood in the bowl tasted fresh like it had just been caught off a dock in the back of the restaurant.
However, if looking for a more filling meal, the sandwich and burger options are abundant. The classic burger starts at just $5.90. If beef is not for you, then the chicken sandwich is. The sandwich contains a very large piece of chicken that could feed a family. Kimmy’s does not skimp on the good stuff.
Since Kimmy’s is a cafe, of course there are desserts. The new joint used to be Millhouse Grill and were very popular for their ice cream. This is something that Kimmy’s is really trying to bring back with their own homemade concoction. So far they only have salted caramel ice cream. The ice cream was light but rich at the same time.
The decor is floral, farmhouse, and history oriented. All along the walls of the shop are old pictures from community events that have happened in Fawn Grove throughout the years.
Kimmy’s provides delicious food, cheap prices, a welcoming ambiance, and keeps the locals feeling close knit.

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New cafe opens in Fawn Grove, PA