Hidden talent of North Harford

REBEKAH KEATON, Production Manager

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Sophomore Luisa Freimuth, spends her free time doing what she feels most passionate about: singing on stage.
The tenth grader says that she has always loved music and wanted to do something with it. She has done theater for most of her childhood and performed in plays in theater camps and is performing in this year’s school production of The Wizard of Oz.
While the sophomore was in 5th grade she decided to switch it up and attend a camp called the School of Rock. There, camp organizers pair participants with people they don’t know to form a band and perform on stage. It is there that Freimuth said she realized she wanted to be a singer.
Freimuth says, “When I first started out in my band and performing on stage I was really uncomfortable and wasn’t used to all the eyes on me, but now that I’m comfortable, it’s my favorite place to be.” Her band is called the Cherry Pitts and they meet once a week on Wednesdays for about an hour rehearsal in in Towson.
Over the years there have been different members but currently there are four members including Luisa on vocals, and Alex (lead guitar), Ian(drums), and Kelly(bass guitar).
The band hasn’t had any gigs recently but according to Freimuth their best one was when they performed in the beginning of the summer at the outdoor music festival. She says, “The crowd was just really enjoying us and we were all together and on the same page while playing our set.” The sophomore says that the person who has helped her out the most is her mom who drives her an hour to rehearsal every week. “She has always supported me and loves when I’m on stage. She cries everytime, she’s amazing.”

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