Avengers: Endgame blows audiences away with extremely satisfying film (spoiler-free)

Grant Scarboro

After Thanos’ “snap” wiped out half of all life in the universe, the remaining Marvel heroes must assemble once again not only to defeat Thanos for good, but hopefully reverse the dreadful “snap” of his.

    The film has the marvelous quality of having a plot that while initially predictable, eventually takes turns the audience would never expect. These happen to range from the deaths of a few major characters throughout the film, to how some individuals can travel through space and time.    

      Character development also reaches its zenith among certain heroes in this movie, to the point where while they may have had almost completely different personalities in their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe compared to now, audiences can still tell they are the same heroes they have come to know and love for over a decade.

    Speaking of the heroes and other characters, their respective actors and actresses portray them to a near-perfect degree. Robert Downey Jr. performance shows Tony Stark as a somewhat broken man who now must deal with the fact that he and his allies indeed failed to stop Thanos in Infinity War. The film also did an excellent job giving some heroes a more broken appearance, mainly the aforementioned Tony Stark. As the movie progresses, though, there are gradual changes with some of the main characters that, while subtle, help bring them full-circle. The plot has a similar feel in addition. Furthermore, the final act and ending combined are almost guaranteed to both exhilarate and bring the audience to tears.
    Many students at the school who have already seen Endgame seem to be impressed by the film. “I thought that Endgame was really good. I really enjoyed the ending of it; but the first half of it was not as exciting as I thought it would’ve been,” Karen Benn told Cry of the Hawk.

Others who have yet to see the film happen to be giddy at their upcoming viewing. “I hope it will be a good ending to the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] series. The series is pretty popular, and I hope it’s a good movie and ending,” said Garrett Strine.

    According to MarketWatch, Avengers: Endgame globally grossed about $1.2 billion in its opening weekend alone, and it’s a film well-deserving of those numbers, from a plot featuring surprises left and right, to heroes perfectly written and designed to fit in with the crisis at hand.