Thespians spook stage with acting in Clue; B-Day Drama 3 production impresses students

Lauren Seco, OP/ED Section Editor


    On Friday, April 26, the cast of Clue opened its doors to the students of North Harford. Ridden with smart jokes and tasteful murder, the show fascinated viewers.

    Junior Rachel Smith starred in the show as Ms. Peacock. She describes the creation of the show stating. “The student director first blocked the scenes in order, then we would start with a basic read through of the lines, then go into learning the blocking, and once that was done we would run through it and polish any parts that needed work.”

    Smith continues when describing that she was proud of everyone involved, and that it was a lot of hard work. “I feel like it went really well,” says the Drama 3 student. Her favorite part of working on the play was right before the show started, during the warm up. “It was just really nice to have everyone from tech, crew, and the actors together.”

    Smith would also like to shout out the student directors, Kailey Jourdan and Kaleigh Gallagher. “They were so amazing and the show wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

    Junior Max Henkel also contributed towards the play, playing “the keyboard from the tech booth, which was super cool because I learned all about the technical aspects that go into the show.” Henkel also states that he enjoyed the challenges because as he was the one making sound effects, he had to know exactly when the actor was making their cue.

    Being that Henkel doesn’t usually play behind the scenes, this was some new and interesting territory, and he “would love to work behind the scenes on future productions.”

    Junior Jordan Paul viewed the play, and she states, “the story was super interesting, and everyone working on it did a great job.” She also goes on to say that she did not realize that the directors were students until she was there, and that she was pleasantly surprised.

    Paul’s favorite aspect of the play was the way the actors and actresses portrayed their characters, and she states, “it was a good balance of humor and mystery.” She would also add that she deeply enjoyed the free food supplied during the intermission.

    The entire cast was comprised of Jared Hedrick, Sydney Tulp, Abigail Vaughan, Rachel Smith, Carly Lindhorst, Bayley Garcia, Mikey Mikkonen, Timothy Saltzer, Riley Lavin, Casandra Scarborough, Bailey Lynch, Taylor Cook, Caitlyn Hawkins, Grace Anderson, Grant Scarborough, Meaghan Grumbach, and Nicole Kozlowski. The tech crew included James Zangrilli, Ethan Walters, Kaylin Bordenski, Holy Norris, Cassie Scarboro, and Sullivan Ploughman. The stage crew included Nicole Kozlowski and Grant Scarboro.