Year in the making; Misentity

Rebekah Keaton, Production Manager


    The yearly production of creative writing pieces that are published in Misentity is under way to come out nearing the end of the school year. It takes a year to fully complete the production that is mainly constructed by students.

    In an attempt to broaden the reach of those whose writing and art work gets featured in the magazine, the creative writing class decorates folders used to collect pieces that are student submitted and provides one to each homeroom, or they can also submit writing directly to the Misentity email. Senior Katie Koerber says that Misentity is, “A book of student art work, poetry and stories.”

    Each year there are on average 130 pieces of literature submitted to Misentity and this year, Creative Writing teacher and Misentity supervisor Mrs. Joanna Dallam exclaims about the number of entries from this year, “This is the most we’ve had since I’ve started it!” The literary magazine is in the pre-publication stages and is soon to be published before the close of the school year.

       Though the literary magazine consists of mainly poetry, there are some short stories, and also includes student artwork and photography. “I just did art work for it [Misentity, basically they asked for pictures to go along with all of the pieces they wrote.” Koerber says, “I just sent them a bunch of pictures of some of my art.”     

    Dallam adds, “I love it, because each piece says something different about a students’ personality and even if they don’t show it out loud they show it in their work.”

    Senior Nate James who has been enrolled in creative writing class for the past three years and helps put the literary magazine together, shares, “This past year some difficult things I faced while trying to put together the magazine was trying to make sure everyone had their pieces in on time and that their spelling and layouts were correct. My overall experience has been pretty fabulous.”

    Misentity has been a part of North Harfords literature make-up for many years and continues to produce short stories for years to come.