J’Ville Grille: Inside scoop revealed on Jarrettsville new hotspot; Community praises new bar and eatery

The menu offers a variety of sandwiches, soups, pizza and more.
The Marylander Melt meal was served with chips, they were replaced
 with fries for a $1.50.

The menu offers a variety of sandwiches, soups, pizza and more. The Marylander Melt meal was served with chips, they were replaced with fries for a $1.50.


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From My three Sons, to the Jarrettsville Pit, to the J’Ville Grille, Jarrettsville has seen its fair share of restaurants come and go. According to the overwhelmingly positive reviews on the J’Ville Grille, this one is here to stay.

    This family friendly establishment premiered with a soft opening for family and friends of the staff on April 3 and 4. The official opening to the public was on Friday, April 5.

Daniel Santoro, the owner of both Gunpowder Lodge and the J’Ville Grille, did not originally aspire to own any restaurants. After spending time playing as a midfielder for the Baltimore Blast’s soccer team and working in the mortgage industry, a new career opportunity came to him. “A friend of mine asked me if I had any interest in investing in a restaurant, and that sort of started it,” Santoro explained.

Despite not having any restaurant background before that, Santoro’s first restaurant was a success. When Santoro’s family was looking to move, they were interested in the Jarrettsville area to live and open a restaurant. “It’s a great location, great community, great people, so we thought we could put a good product in here to help the surrounding area,” Santoro revealed.

According to Santoro, starting a restaurant is no easy task, “it definitely tests your patience, your stress levels.” The bountiful help of friends and workers from Gunpowder Lodge made opening the J’Ville Grille possible.

One unanticipated obstacle that came with opening the new restaurant was finding enough employees. Santoro added, “we’re not in a big area with fifteen or twenty restaurants within two miles.” Jarrettsville’s lack of other restaurants acts as an advantage and disadvantage to the J’Ville Grille: little competition for business and a shortage of available staff. Santoro said, “that’s been the most challenging part of opening J’Ville.”

With a modern décor and a “woody” theme,  the new restaurant serves a broad variety of foods.Santoro purposely styled the J’Ville Grille in a similar manner to Gunpowder Lodge. Ukura described the environment of the Grille as, “…a modern sports bar and a neighborhood feel restaurant.”

Mike Cichowicz, the chef at the J’Ville Grille and previously Gunpowder Lodge, is credited to creating the menu in collaboration with other workers. This new original all American (traditional) restaurant has classic food, including a sit-down dining, along with an American themed sports bar.

The menu has all the favorites that diners may be craving, from seafood styles to appetizing American burgers with a unique twist or classic.  However, the carryout menu doesn’t include the full menu.

Santoro said Cichowicz has pulled some items off a “chef’s special” menu from Gunpowder Lodge and implemented them into the J’Ville Grille’s menu. “I think he really took the time and thought about what has worked in the past at the other restaurant,” expressed Santoro.

Not only have customers praised the new restaurant, staff members of the Grille have given positive reviews about their experiences. “As an employee, I love the atmosphere of the J’Ville Grille,” said senior and hostess at the Grille, Sabrina Ukura.

Server Brooke Ciampaglio says, “the new interior makes it more open and modern.”  Junior Maddie Kramer has dined in, and describes the atmosphere as “very chill and refreshing, and the service was great,” and “the food came out so soon.” According to employees, the new establishment always has a steady flow. Ciampaglio said the busiest nights are Friday and Saturday, “and Saturday morning is pretty busy too because of children’s sports.”

Prices are very reasonable although if you would prefer French fries or onion rings instead of the chips that come with the meal, it’s an extra $1.50.   One of the most creative entrees’ is the “Marylander Melt”, on the menu it is listed under sandwiches/wraps.  It is baked ham, jumbo lump crab cake, pan seared chicken breast and melted white cheddar on grilled Italian bread.  Not one meat overpowers the other and the unique taste satisfied taste buds immediately. This is also server Ciampaglio’s favorite on the menu.  Kramer ordered the Maryland Crab Soup which she claims was “amazing” because “it had a lot of crab in it.”

As the J’Ville Grille grows in popularity and continues to strive for more perfect service and food, Santoro’s ambitions remain high. He expressed, “I hope to pass it down to my daughter one day.”

Monday through Thursday, and Sunday, the restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday, the kitchen closes at 10 p.m.   The new restaurant is one of the only sit-down breakfast places around.  It is also one of few places to dine in within Jarrettsville for a nice dinner.  No need to drive far, this hot spot is right around the corner and you won’t be disappointed.