Bouncing back with determination

Hannah Krizek, op/ed editor

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Jess Schrof, senior 

After Schrof  tore her ACL playing lacrosse, she continued striving for her goals, having that push to get where she wanted, and working as hard as she could to get on the playing field again. Schrof says, “Lacrosse has always been such a big part of my life so I knew that even though I got hurt, I still wanted to do everything I could to be back on the field.” She continued to put up the fight to recover, going through 9 months of physical therapy. Schrof claims, “It was such a great feeling to lace my cleats by up.”  To this day, Jess still has pain while playing and she must wear a bulky knee brace. Playing again for her was a new beginning but she says, “I had a very determined mind set and knew how great it felt to score and help my team, and that’s what I played off the pain for.”

Meridith Price, senior

When playing a lacrosse game her sophomore year, Meridith Price tore her meniscus. After she got injured, she says the first thought that went through her head was, “how long will I be out?’ Price pushed her way through pain, focusing on her love for the game and her goal to play in college. She went through surgery and physical therapy, and realized she still was not ready to play again, saying, “I went to training and strengthened my muscles so I could finally play again and improve as a player.” For Price, who now plays in her senior year, claims that, “sports are different after my injury because I know I am stronger than I was, and I can push it on the field.” 

Cameron LaPlante, senior

When Cameron La Plante got injured, he didn’t really know what he was going to do. He says, “once this injury happened, even on my way off the field, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to play for the rest of the season.” He explains, “after 9 months of physical therapy, learning how to walk, then kick again, I was determined to go out and be the same player I was when I left.” He worked over the summer traveling to the terf everyday and practicing for hours. He states, “my coaches inspired me to keep going, I didn’t want to let anyone down next season so I knew I needed to be the player I could be.” Looking back on his journey, and being able to play once more LaPlante’s injury makes every game “more special” and “playing now and leading the team to be regional champions and state-bound filled me with a lot of emotion since I missed my junior season. It was my last year to make it all worth it.”