Choir sings at soup kitchen; Giving this holiday season

Caitlyn Allen, news editor

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The NHHS acapella members went to the Mason Dixon soup kitchen on Thursday, Nov. 21 to help give something to others this holiday season. 

     The choir helped the soup kitchen itself by bringing a bunch of canned food as a donation and moved boxes for them. They helped the people in the soup kitchen by walking them up and down stairs to get them moving, serving the people food and drinks, and then singing songs to them and ending with singing along with them.  

     The choir sang part of their set from the fall concert. They sang “Black Bird” and “Yesterday” by the Beatles, “Good Old Acapella,” and “Sing” by the Pentatonix. 

     According to junior Emily Johnson, when she went to the soup kitchen, she realized how many people, especially people from our school, go there and need help. “I saw Patrick Mullen from our school there, it made me so happy to be able to help him and see him outside of school.” She said she didn’t just see Patrick from our school, but also a bunch of people who have already graduated. Johnson claims she learned how “everybody needs each other and need help in the community.” 

     Junior Luisa Freimuth says moving all the boxes around was “pretty tiring but it was for a good cause.” She also adds that she “had a lot of fun and would love to do it again.” Freimuth has never felt better about herself than she did after helping here. 

     Senior Delany Flickinger says the best part about her experience was “to put a huge smile on all the people’s faces.” She adds “their life might not be the best but the simple joy of singing to them and seeing us there made them so happy.” 

     The choir claims they would love to go back and help these people again. They added it was a great experience and they learned a lot about our community.