Q/A Wenke Green;

Rachel Keeney, H/S Editor

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  1. Where do you volunteer?

Adopt a Homeless Animal rescue (AAHA), we pull dogs from death row at shelters all over Maryland but have focused on pulling pitties from PG county in the past 2 years since they are banned there so the public cannot even see them or adopt them there. Unless a rescue group like AAHA pulls them, they are put down because of BSL (breed specific legislation).

  1. When did you first get involved?

About 6-7 years ago, I started fostering a dog that was very stressed at the shelter. She was a completely different dog once in my home and adopted quickly. Since then I have gotten more and more involved and now take care of AAHA’s Facebook page, answer dog inquiries, post the dogs to our Petfinder sites, organize and run events and fundraisers.

  1. Where did your passion for animals first begin?

I have always loved animals but fostering that pup is what started the process of me being actively engaged in saving as many dogs as we can. Sadly, holiday times is a tough time for shelters and rescues as many people surrender pets to make room for that Christmas puppy. It is sad.

  1. What is your favorite part of volunteering and what do you do there?

My favorite part is walking the dogs that we board at our kennel. We have some dogs in foster homes, but we have five spots at a kennel in Reisterstown. Since having kids, we unfortunately do not have time anymore to go out there during the school year, but during summer break I go and walk the pups. It is just amazing how dogs transform once they are out of the stressful shelter where most are terrified.