Floral design students tackle wide variety of projects

ADDY DEAN , Reporter

    Floral design isn’t just a class where you play with flowers and learn about different kinds of plants. According to floral design teacher Erika Edwards “they’re always busy doing something.” 

     Floral design students say the course is a lot of work especially on arrangement days which are usually once a month. 

     Edwards explains that “on design days by the end of class the floor is usually covered in petals, leaves, and stems. It’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun.” 

     She added “since prom season is coming up, we’re already preparing for corsage and boutonniere orders. Boutonnieres are $5.00 and corsages are $12.00, but you can get a super nice deal. If you buy your corsage and boutonniere together the cost for both is only $15.00.” 

     The plant science teacher says, “placing orders is super easy and you can order them as early as the beginning of April. All you have to do is see me for a form in room C203 and pick the color for your flowers.” 

     Students from the floral design staff say it’s much cheaper to order your flowers for events from the school instead of from a flower shop, and they add doing so supports your peers and a school program. 

     In addition, Edwards treats her floral design students to discounted arrangements for homecoming and prom. 

     What does all that money go towards? The floral design program invests in buying more flowers from a wholesaler called Pennock, and “Pennock then gets their flowers from warmer climates,” says Edwards. 

      In addition to buying more flowers Edwards states,  “they buy equipment and tools for arranging the flowers, and any money that we have left over are put towards field trips.” She added “we usually will go to Longwood Gardens and the Philly Flower show.” 

     In between holidays and different dances, this elective class also provides flowers for wedding parties. 

     According to the teacher “back in October of 2019 we did flowers for a wedding and we anticipate doing 1 or 2 more weddings this upcoming spring.”  

     She further described the process and preparations for a wedding “we start with a consultation usually with the bride and her mom. They’ll come in during a class for an interview and tell us what they like and what they’re looking for. After the meeting the students are responsible for researching different arrangements and designs. The week of the wedding is the most work. We always do bouquets first because they can we sit them in water.” 

     As for advertising and getting the word out there for the NHHS floral design program, students generally post on their Facebook page @nhhsagriculture.