Hawks defying gravity; students go to Hippodrome


    On February 13 advanced drama and chorus students took a trip to the Hippodrome to see the 2004 best musical nominee Wicked. For many this was their first Broadway show and for others the trip was their first time going to the infamous Hippodrome. 

      The musical tells the story of Elphaba, the witch of the west, and her path of sticking up for what she believes in even if it means risking her notoriety and dreams. Junior Karissa Dugan described the musical as “a fun way to tie up all the loose ends in the original The Wizard of Oz.” Dugan added, “it was really cool to see the other side of all these characters we’ve known for years.” 

     Sophomore Gabby Spencer described the musical as her “favorite musical” she’s ever seen. She went on and said, “The actors we met at the Stage Door were super super sweet and really took time to talk to us all, and that’s not even to comment on the amazing acting and singing they all displayed.”

     The musical played at The Hippodrome from February 12 to March 8, with a show nearly every day and sometimes twice during one day. Senior Max Henkel observed that “actors are some of the most tired people you will ever meet, and it really makes me appreciate how often they have to be vulnerable while on stage every night.” 

      Junior Luisa Freimuth characterized the field trip as “wonderful.” Freimuth described being “blown away listening to the amazing songs like ‘Popular’ and obviously ‘Defying Gravity.’” 

       The North Harford drama program put on The Wizard of Oz last school year and many who took part in the production also got to go on the field trip. Senior Natalie Campbell, who played “The Wicked Witch of the West” during last year’s showing, commented on the witch as a character who “sticks up for what she believes in while also not caring about what people say about her. I really like that! It makes her a very strong moral character.” 

      Many students who went on this field trip are also signed up for the field trip in May to New York City to see the new Broadway adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s West Side Story. Drama teacher Nancy Green was very excited for the upcoming field trip stating “I’m super excited to take the students to New York City because of all the culture. And I’m grateful that we could go to such an amazing Broadway show like this one for this year’s trip.”