Fall Guys big break;  Gaming community changes


DANI BECKER, Reporter 

     Fall Guys is a new multiplayer party game with up to 60 players battling it out in several free-for-all matches until one player steals the crown and takes home the win. 

     This game blew up massively over all social media platforms. Its characters are tiny, fun, and cute. They are customizable and can have many different styles. 

     Video games are often aimed towards males. But recently there has been a huge spike in female players. Senior Julianna Spangler says she enjoys the game. “I think with the amount of different mini-games it is more fun because you do not know what to expect.” She among many other women have been fond of this new style of game because it is different from the classic first- or third-person shooter games.  

     According to Online Estimate, Fall Guys has 16 million people playing on Ps4 alone. This game is also available on Steam for PC players. From Steam’s website they have had 195,415 people rate their game. The overall rating was seven out of ten stars. Compared to other games of this caliber this would be considered a high rating.

     Women are not the only ones enjoying this game though. Despite the cute, fun characters, many male gamers have taken a liking to this game. Senior Andrew Gerhardt claims this to be one of his new favorite games.  “I think it got so big because it is relatively cheap, easy to learn, and most of all it’s just really fun to play with friends.”  

     Much of the Fall Guys player community say they enjoy this game and are very glad it came out. The game is only $19.99 and that is also something the gaming community was going crazy about.