Grace Feldbush, Reporter

 Lydia Jones, Junior 

  “Having a twin is fun sometimes because you always have someone to talk to, but it can be very difficult because we are both hard headed and fight a lot. My parents don’t act differently towards us. My twin’s friends don’t really treat me well because I’m known as ‘Seth’s sister’ and they look down upon me. One of the biggest challenges is trying to be your own person instead of ‘Seth’s twin’ or ‘that one twin.’ When we were growing up, I was known as the athletic twin and social twin. Seth was the smart twin. Now as we are growing up, I am still social, but he is becoming more social as well. Seth is older than me by 30 minutes and we are fraternal. My favorite memory we have together is going to a big bounce place with pillows and ball pits. One thing I am good at that he is not is English, I am good at English, but he is not, and I am better at sports while he is not very athletic. Since we are boy and girl, my parents never dressed us much alike, sometimes we would get put into overalls together but that is really it.”   


Seth Jones, Junior 

  “I feel like having a twin that is a girl was different because we didn’t have to share a lot of stuff since we were different genders, really the only thing we share is birthdays which wasn’t too bad, and I never thought we were treated unfairly. The only challenge is we spend so much time together in and out of school so she can become annoying to me and I can get tired of Lydia easily but if we spend time apart, we get along well. Some of my friends refer to her as ‘Seth’s sister’ but other than that I think we are treated fairly; it happens to both of us with each other’s friends. I am older by 30 minutes and we are fraternal. The only thing I can do that she can’t, would be basketball even though she is more athletic than me. Having a twin really isn’t too bad.”

Photo Credits: Lydia Jones