Instruments in isolation; When music follows you home

MAURA CHANEY, Entertainment Editor

  Band and orchestra are two courses in school that allow students to showcase their talents involving instruments. While many students participate in these courses, there are some who enjoy making music outside of school as a hobby instead.

  Music is a hobby that has been present throughout senior Elena Schell’s life. Inside of school, she can be found playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone, but outside of school she plays the ukulele, baritone ukulele, piano, guitar, and many more. She also can be found singing. “Everyone in my family plays music, so it was kind of a no brainer when I was given the option to be in band and chorus,” she says.

     Schell’s first moment with music was in fifth grade. She says, “When all the fifth graders came to our classes to show us the instruments, I spent like a month deciding because I wanted to play all of them!” Schell’s hobby was a natural talent that grew over time. “[Music] came really naturally and it is one of the few things that I feel absolutely comfortable doing at all times,” she adds. During lockdown after the strike of COVID-19, the spare time available made Schell want to learn music theory. “I knew it would help me get better at most of the instruments that I was playing, but I did not pick up any new instruments during quarantine, I mainly just learned more about the ones I was already playing.”

  Growing up with jazz, symphonic, and classic rock, music is a hobby that had stayed true to Schell her whole life. Musical influences have inspired another student to dive into instruments. Senior Ted Rush found interest in Blink-182, Green Day, Three Days Grace and more, which encouraged him to learn how to play drums. “I started playing drums in sixth grade after listening to punk rock bands in middle school. After listening, I wanted to become a drummer!”

  Rush reflects on his later experiences with music, saying, “After drums, I wanted to branch out, and I decided to get into acoustic guitar, then later electric guitar, and now ukulele.” Rush has been playing guitar since eighth grade now, after taking lessons for three years before taking it upon himself to learn on his own. “I am also self-taught with ukulele!” he adds. Rush explains how since lockdown, he has been playing a lot more than previously. “I can even play a bit during the school day; I play a little in between classes. It helps a lot with the stress of sitting at the computer all day.”

  As a hobby or a career, music brings people together to showcase a talent. With the outbreak of COVID-19, music has been a hobby that provides a stress free, fun experience.