New video game for players; Students review Call of Duty Cold War

Kensington Boyanich, News Editor

With the new releases of the PS5 and Xbox One X this also allows for new games to be released on these consoles. The Call of Duty franchise had been releasing multiple games since its first in 2003. The games have been set in different time periods including the new game which takes place in a cold war setting.

     The game titled, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released on November 13 by the popular publisher Activision. GameStop has an average review for the game as 3.8 stars with majority of them being 5 stars and the second majority one star. 

     According to GameStop the game drops players into the early 1980’s during the Cold War. In single player characters will come face to face with historical figures. As an elite operative you will follow the trail of a figure known as Perseus, who is on a mission to destabilize the global balance of power and change the course of history. Many students have also voiced their opinion on the new game and added features.  

     Freshman Preston Miller who has played some of the older games before said, “It’s very good! I like how when you level up your guns you unlock new attachments for your guns. All the maps are perfect with some being bigger and some smaller. They made a new Nuke Town map which is actually very fun for all game modes especially free for all. The zombie’s aspect of the game is cool and enjoyable.”

     Sophomore Louisa Gray has also played the game. “The maps for multiplayer are pretty good. The zombies game mode is especially fun with the added reverse dimension thing and you can add armor. I don’t really like it better than Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 but since the recent ones weren’t as good it is fun.   

      Freshman Anna O’Leary says that, “It’s a fun community but it can be extremely toxic, especially if you are a female. The guys are super annoying and say misogynistic things like, go back to the kitchen, and other things. You either get screamed at or perverted things said to you.”

    In a poll of nearly 100 students, 32% of students at North Harford have played the new game while the other 68% haven’t yet. Out of the 32% of students that had played it 59% said they enjoyed the game. Of the 68% of students that had not played it yet, 36% said they would give it a try later or were planning on playing it in the future.