Taylor Swift presents her hidden messages in her new album; Swifties go wild

Evan Kuzemchak, Social Media Coordinator

  “[She] remembers waiting up until midnight on the day Taylor Swift was dropping ‘Evermore’ because [she]was so excited,” Senior Swift fan Caroline Ulmer says about ‘Evermore’s’ release, less than 5 months after Swift released ‘Folklore’. These two albums caused Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fanbase) to get searching for all of Swift’s alleged hidden messages.

     Swifties went straight to investigating ‘Evermore’ as they asked themselves “what is ‘Evermore’ really about?” What inspired Swift to write this cottagecore album? Fans immediately caught on to the musician’s hidden messages.  Swift released ‘Evermore’ the same day as American Poet, Emily Dickinson’s Birthday. Not only did that cause some suspicion but one of Dickinson’s poems ends with “Evermore…”

     “The theories I know are that ‘Goldrush’ is about model Karlie Kloss, Taylor’s possible ex-girlfriend,” Ulmer says. Kloss and Swift hit their friendship off back in 2012 and fans said they were “inseparable” until after rumors circled of their romance and they slowly drifted away with Swift not attending Kolss’s wedding. Another theory Ulmer is aware of is “that ‘Champagne problems’ is about Taylor’s relationship with Alwyn and the struggles.”

     One theory Ulmer cannot deny is “Taylor is releasing albums so often because she is trying to get out of her contract to live a more normal life with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.” Following the conspiracy Swift is proposed to “release yet another album in March,” Ulmer states.

     Comparing the two albums together Ulmer says, “Folklore and Evermore and pretty similar” but goes on to say “Evermore is more colorful, in the album art as well as the music.” Ulmer ends by stating her favorite songs from Evermore are “Ivy, Coney Island and Tis the D*** Season.”

     Touching back on the conspiracies surrounding Swift releasing a third sister album, senior, Aspen Vinyard says “there’s been lots of evidence. Like the 3 cardigans on her website which match the colors of folklore and evermore, as well as some other merch on her website she released in 3 color options.”

     Vinyard spills even more evidence saying “she also has to release one more album to leave her contract and if she wants to stop producing music, the fastest way to get out of your contract would be to release 3 albums back to back.” Vinyard shares her emotions about Swift ending her music career by saying “I hope she doesn’t end her career.”

      Vinyard stresses her favorite conspiracy has to be “that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles commuted vehicular manslaughter when they were dating in 2012.” From many of Swift’s songs in her album ‘1989’ she allegedly “mentions Harry being a bad driver.” Vinyard provides an example by pulling a quote from her song ‘Out of the Woods’ of Swift singing “remember when you hit the brakes too soon, 20 stitches in a hospital room.”

     Dark and twisted or impossibly fake? What conspiracies do you believe and what ones do you think are insane?