Achy-breaky heart; Lessons learned from heartbreak


Jessica Fannin

Julianna Jackson went through a lot in her break up.; The idea that “healing is not linear,” reassures Jackson that she is on the right track.

Jessica Fannin, Reporter

     Kendall Schubert, a senior believes that, “Every heartbreak is different, you’ll never experience the same one twice.” She explained how, “heartbreak can happen before the relationship is even over. In some cases, you can feel the relationship slowly fading and it’s heartbreaking to watch before your eyes. Yet other times you don’t see it coming at all, one minute everything is great and the next thing you know your heart is on the ground.” 

     For Schubert, the relationship “ended suddenly and with no real reason. So, […] [she] felt blindsided and lied to. It was one of the more painful things to deal with.”

     For another senior Julianna Jackson, heartbreak, “happened right away for […] [her], but for some people it doesn’t.” Right away it felt like she was “missing half of […] [herself] and like the world had been put on hold.” 

     Both girls went through a lot of crying from their breakups, but they had loved ones to surround themselves with to start the healing process. Schubert described how her family made her, “feel safe and protected,” along with her friends who, “never failed to be there.” 

      For Jackson it was not just family who helped her feel better but her, “her pets, who were very healing.” Along with pets, Jackson depended on herself to get through the pain. 

    She started, “understanding that life is about seeking inner-happiness and appreciating every day. […] [She] cannot waste time being stagnant and not making any progress.” The healing process is something that fluctuates for Jackson, but she knows, “that’s okay because healing is not linear.” 

     Schubert also mentioned the roller coaster of emotions that comes with heartbreak. She explained how, “sometimes the sadness creeps up on you.” She would, “be perfectly fine for a few days and then all of the sudden, feel the need to cry.” 

     But another way to move on according to Schubert is, “avoid looking at pictures or seeking things out that won’t help.” She also confessed she “no longer has him on any social media,” which helps keep her mind off the breakup. 

     Both girls learned lessons from their heartbreaks that will help them in future struggle. Jackson explained that in those moments of hurt you should, “breathe. The current moment you are living in and the current feeling you are feeling will not last forever. Things can change so fast, and life isn’t about finding your soulmate. You are your own soulmate. Explore yourself, your talents, your ambitions, and LET GO. Just let it all go.” 

     For Schubert, the lesson she learned was, “not to settle, it’s okay to have high expectations. […] [She] believes every relationship teaches something. There are good parts of a relationship you know you should have and there are parts you know you should never deal with again. There are so many little things that relationships and heartbreak teach you.” 

      Something Schubert thinks people should be aware of is that “heartbreak impacts so many people in so many ways, so you should never judge someone based on how they choose to deal with their pain.”