Smiles, waves, winks; Behind attraction, flirting


Sara Puig

Sara Puig has been in a relationship since middle school and understands ways to keep the spark alive.; She knows what she finds attractive or unattractive.

Jessica Fannin, Reporter

     Attraction is the emotion that kicks in when people see something or someone that gets their heart jumping or tongue tied. It is, for many people, the first turn down a possibly long and winding road of relationship. 

     Junior Sara Puig stated what she finds attractive is, “kindness and a good sense of humor similar to […] [hers]. Confidence and honesty are some the other [traits] that will immediately,” catch her attention.

     In a study done about Human Behavior, researchers concluded that, “Women are more attracted to partners with a good sense of humor. Researcher Eric Bressler claimed that “a sense of humor is a sign of higher intelligence.” But, the results were not the same for men. The study, “indicated that while men list a sense of humor as important, they do not see funnier people as more desirable overall,” (8 Traits People Find Attractive, According to Science). 

     Some traits that are a “major turn off,” for Puig are “cockiness, being rude, snarky comments, or negative energy.” According to a study in 2014, researchers from Hope College found that “immodesty can kill romance,” (Daryl R, Van Tangeren).

     Two factors in attraction are looks and personality. Some people value one over the other. For Puig, “it is a mixture of both, but personality definitely comes first. To like someone for their soul rather than looks, is so important.”

     When someone finds another person attractive they often find ways to see if they feel the same way through flirting. There are many flirting methods out there that everyone has different opinions on. 

     “You for sure don’t want to come off as needy if you’re trying to flirt, but at the same time you should put yourself out there,” Puig says. She suggest, “doing little things like complimenting them or asking questions to get to know them.” “Eye contact and compliments are the way to […] [her] heart!” A flirting method she feels is underrated is “writing letters or notes.”

     Along with the ways of being attractive there are also ways to appear undesirable. Pick-up lines can have a positive response for some people but for Puig, “they are a no go.” Along with this, being “arrogant when flirting, which is a total turn-off,” for the junior. She believes it is important to also “know when to stop” pursuing someone if they are not reciprocating.  

     When asked how attraction feels once you are in a relationship Puig explained how “there are definitely highs and lows.” But what keeps attraction strong for her is “having loyalty, spending time with one another, and speaking your mind. Having experiences together whether it is going for a walk or having a game night, is important.”