Does outer space have an end? Is there another Earth somewhere?

Rachel Keeney, IDR Editor

 Caroline Ulmer, senior: “Somewhere out in the universe there are more beings and I think something like humans, space is endless, and they have found another planet like earth. There’s definitely other life out there.”

Sierra McManus, sophomore: “The new earth is an explanation on how Heaven is not the final destination. It’s more of a waiting room for New Earth. This is a perfect version of earth where there is no sin.”

Clare Cummings, junior: “The multiverse theory is my favorite theory. There is definitely multiple universe.”

Lauren Sawyer, junior: “There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s different planets suitable for life, just not in our galaxy. Space is literally so massive you can’t even begin to wrap your mind around it.”

Nicole Hackett, senior: “Aliens definitely exist but there’s no way there’s another planet with people like us out there.”