Super tasty snowball stands; Students take on the best stand


 In the summer a common frozen treat is the famous snowball. There are several snowball stands throughout Harford County but also in Maryland. It seems there are a few favorites between many people in the community.

     Junior Grant Maxa explains, “My favorite time to get a snowball is when we go to our boat…” Maxa went on about how after a long day or crabbing or tubing it’s nice to have a cold snowball. His favorite flavor is between egg custard and sky blue both with marshmallow he adds. “My favorite snowball stand is Icy Delights located in Middle River, MD.” Maxa went on to describe that Icy Delights has the best tasting marshmallow and flavors he’s ever had. He says, “Their ice is perfectly crushed and they give you a strong and good tasting flavor.” Maxa says he would never love another snowball more.

   On the other hand, senior Haley Ries, says, “My favorite snowball stand is the Emmorton snowball stand.” She explains that a lot of her sisters’ games would be near there and they make a great treat for the heat. Ries says, “My favorite flavor would have to be tropical pineapple.” She says that it reminds her of being in aruba and makes her want to go somewhere tropical.

    Sophomore Abby Buckland says, “My all time favorite snowball stand is Ice Hole Snowballs in Whiteford, MD.” Buckland explains more in depth about not only the snowballs but the workers. She says that the workers there are very friendly and help you very efficiently. Buckland reiterates, “they are my favorite stand and I would never like another snow ball better in the summer.”

     It seems many students like snowball stands from all over Maryland. There are many to choose from all with different flavors and styles of ice, marshmallow, and syrup. Snowballs are a fan favorite during the summer and the brutal heat.