Taking first SAT vs. last SAT; The nerves start to fade


One of the big tests students are advised to take in high school is the SAT. According to College Board, “The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.” Colleges all over the U.S. look and take into consideration your SAT score when applying to their school. EyeWitness News says, “For some students, standardized testing is causing a lot of stress and anxiety because they’re constantly studying.” For some, this could be a huge stressor and road block the first time you decide to take it. But for most it seems that stress fades.

     Juniors and seniors both are allowed to take the SAT multiple times until you receive a grade you are happy with or you can’t do it anymore. Junior Morgan Buckland, says that she personally does not stress about it too much. “When I first took the PSAT I did not look at any notes or tips and that created more chaos. ” She explains that when she took a real SAT she had looked through some books and youtube videos to help her succeed. Junior Nick Mullins, explains, “When first taking the PSAT I was very nervous and worried.” Mullins describes the best way to succeed on the test is to get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. He says, “I chose not to get a good sleep and completely regretted it.”

     With an interesting perspective, senior Haley Ries, was very invested in her SAT. She says, “I always wanted to make sure I had good grades and test scores.” Ries explains it was something she was very worried and serious about. She did not want to have bad scores because it could affect her chances in college. She explains, “A good way not to stress is to study.” Ries explains more that feeling familiar with something allows you to be more comfortable with it. She says this is what allowed her to get a better score on her second SAT rather than her first. 

     Educationcorner says the best way to succeed on the SAT is, “Study and know directions, answer the questions you know first, and eliminate easy incorrect answers.” There are many styles of test taking between each person and the SAT is something you grow with yourself.