Mean Girls: cinematic masterpiece that everyone should see at least once


  This movie is definitely worth the watch. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Mean Girls is an iconic and timeless movie. After having watched it dozens of times, it never gets old. 

  At first it seems like your typical coming of age moving, targeted towards teenage girls. The main character Cady {Lindsay Lohan}, starts her first day of high school after being homeschooled all her life while living in Africa. Throughout the movie Cady goes from a straight A student to a stereotypical, shallow mean girl” from the influence of her peers, more specifically, the famously known trio of popular girls that run the school referred to as “The Plastics”.  

  However, it’s not the plot itself that makes this movie great. The lovable characters are what make it so unforgettable. For starters, The Plastics are the blueprint for every group of mean popular girls in any movie that came out after Mean Girls. Of course, those are nothing more than failed attempts to recreate the unmatched greatness of Gretchen Weiners, Karen Smith, and Regina George.  

  Another example is the unforgettable duo, Janice Ian and Damian. They’re witty and relatable characters that make for perfect comic relief while also having a good relationship dynamic with Cady. They were the perfect embodiment of the friendship everyone wishes they had. 

  Without these well written characters we wouldn’t have one part about the movie that makes it so memorable and that is the many iconic quotes. “On Wednesdays we wear pink” or “fetch” are so well known they’ve been made into t-shirts, mugs, senior quotes, pretty much anything you can think of. 

  The actors do a good job of representing high school drama and relationships as our main character narrates. She compares her experiences in her new school to the interactions between wild animals that she witnessed while being homeschooled in Africa. 

  Don’t let the title scare you aware. This movie is not just for teenage girls. In fact, anyone can watch this movie and everyone should. If you enjoyed Legally Blonde and Clueless, then this is the movie for you. Ultimately, this movie is definitely worth watching.