Mother Mother Planning World Tour


     With the Coronavirus forcing everyone to remain socially distant, events that involve large gatherings such as concerts have decreased in popularity. However, with the release of the vaccine and travel restrictions gradually being lifted, some bands and musical artists are making plans to go back to performing in the near future. 

     One of those bands is Mother Mother, an alternative rock band that has been making music since the early 2010s. They gained popularity over the years via people using their songs on apps like TikTok and YouTube. On April 8th of this year, Mother Mother made an announcement on all social media platforms that they are going to do a world tour starting in January of 2022. They will be travelling and performing in both Europe and America. They announced this tour along with their new album INSIDE, which will be available on all music platforms on June 25th. 

      Despite everything happening, Mother Mother has continued to prevail and produce song after song during these trying times, all while showing that they care about their fans. They even made a music video for one of their more recent songs “I Got Love” that featured fan-submitted videos of all kinds of people dancing, making art, simply singing along with the music, and countless other things. They also created a video for their newest song “Forgotten Souls” featuring visuals of multiple art mediums. 

      Multiple fans of the popular band were asked about this world tour, including Sierra Ables. “I think if they just kept it safe for everyone [with] a minimum amount of people who are vaccinated still wearing masks, then yeah it’s cool! [But] I personally wouldn’t go because I’m not vaccinated.”

      “I think it’s pretty poggers, pretty epic.” Deane Conway says. “I would want to go because I’m vaccinated.”

      Whether you listen to the band or not, the announcement of not just a concert but a world tour after years of self isolation is always something to get excited for. Finally, being able to go out and enjoy music with a ton of other people who also enjoy that music is a unique experience that can’t really be replicated via Zoom or online streaming services. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of the uphill battle we’ve been facing since 2020.