One Josh To Rule Them All – Josh’s Fight For Their Names


     The Internet is a wondrous place. People go there to laugh, to cry, to learn, to do basically anything. Many events that some would call “legendary” or “historical” have happened on the internet, including one very recent event that started off as somewhat of a joke.  

     On April 24th of 2020, a group chat was created for people all named Josh or Joshua. The Josh who made the group chat said that he had gathered them all there to announce that they were all to meet at a specific set of coordinates where they would fight for the right to keep their name. Whoever won this fight would be able to keep the name Josh, everyone else would have to change their names. All the Joshes were told that they would have a year to prepare for the battle. 

     A year went by and despite all that was going on in the world, the Josh Fight still happened. In Lincoln, Nebraska, over a thousand Joshes showed up to the fight, armed with pool noodles and dressed in various costumes such as Marvel heroes and Star Wars characters. They also wore masks, of course, because pandemic safety is still very important. 

     The fight raged on for hours but at the very end, one Josh prevailed and was crowned the winner. Joshua Vinson Jr. was only four years old yet was declared the winner of the heated battle of the Joshes. He was given the nickname “Little Josh” by the rest of the participants. There’s even a video circulating the Internet of a bunch of  Joshes making a human throne with the four-year-old on top of it, chanting “Little Josh!” over and over in celebration. 

     A variety of Joshes who attend North Harford were asked about the Josh Fight, if they did or wanted to participate and what they would call themselves now that the name Josh was taken by the victorious Little Josh of Nebraska.

     “I won easily, [it] wasn’t much of a competition and I racked up about 30 confirmed kills.” Says Josh Parsons. “[I would have] called myself Josh with two H’s, Joshh.”

     “If I could go, yes I would have participated.”  Says Josh Garrett. “I think that it’s hilarious and a funny idea. I’d call myself my dog’s name, Blue.”