Student share opinions on upcoming “Hype House” reality show


     Netflix is soon releasing a new reality TV show with all of the people that are in the famous “Hype House” on the app Tik Tok however, many people are not happy about this show.

     The members of the Hype House (both official and unofficial) are Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy), Connor Yates, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Alex Warren, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Wyatt Xavier, Daisy Keech, Jack Wright, Larri Merritt, Sienna Mae Gomez, Ryland Storms, Nick Austin, Ondreax Lopez, Nikita Dragun, Tony Lopez, Kouver Annon, Thomas Petrou, Calvin Goldby, James Wright, and Patrick Hudson.

     These members have gained their fame on the Tik Tok app, with Charli D’Amelio with the most followers on the app, but what did they have to do in order to make this show possible?

     In order for the hype house show to happen, Netflix had to cancel many other shows after only one season of airing. Many people have threatened and have attempted canceling their Netflix subscription because of this show, there is also a petition to cancel the show from airing on

      A question sticker was posted on Instagram asking what students at North Harford think about the show any many of the responses claimed that the show was “stupid” and some were “very annoyed with Netflix” for putting it on.

     A lot of the responses also claimed how the show will be a flop because there will not be anyone who actually wants to watch it and how they “could care less” about the show and the people in it. 

     Senior Abby Merson shared her opinion on the new and upcoming show.  She states that her main problem is that “it isn’t something for everyone,” or at least a majority of people who have Netflix.

     Merson was very upset like many others at the fact that Netflix had canceled many good shows and movies that everyone wants back. “They completely ignore the numerous requests/petitions people make and just continue to add Netflix Originals that nobody is interested in,” Merson stated.

     Now, of course, they will be making a profit on this show but according to Merson this is “the last group of people who need a reality tv show.”

     On the other end of the spectrum, sophomore Kenzie Ellinghaus has an interest in watching the show because she “likes a lot of reality tv shows,” and she feels that she will enjoy watching this one. Others have also been saying how they should make this show so that they are able to make the money.

     The question that many people have asked is why exactly? Many of peoples favorite shows have now been cancelled for something a lot of them do not want in the first place.